About This Release

Artist: Vataff Project

Released: September 22, 2020

Written and produced by Victor Marinov at “Vataff Project” studio
Rodopa mountain, Bulgaria 2019

1. Feel Flight 08:30
2. Odia 08:16
3. Ari Byda 08:08
4. Lapatuche 05:49
5. The Other Side 07:23
6. Dark Blue 08:14
7. Return 09:31
8. Anaba Molla 07:43

Category: Album

Release notes

Jolьva is the 6th album by Vataff project.


The following musicians appear on the album:

Isabel Sokol – Oxman: gadulka
Dario Tabakov: clarinet, voice
Petar Yordanov /Buny/: percussions
Veselin Mitev: fujara, ney flute, harmonica
Teodor Nedev: electric guitar

Artwork: Carlos Arner

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