About This Release

Artist: Vataff Project

Released: December 15, 2012

Written & produced by Victor Marinov
at Port One Studio
Sofia, Bulgaria.

1. Sedenkia 08:16
2. Silver stone 09:20
3. Maeoma 08:03
4. Electro nature 06:59
5. Devo 08:24
6. Just blue 08:53
7. Gate 10:38
8. Beshevidela 06:21

Category: Album

Release notes

Maeoma is the 4th album by Vataff project the downtempo project of Victor Marinov a Bulgarian composer .

The album was largely created in the Rodopa mountains in Bulgaria a place of great spiritual power and home to the legends of Orpheus and a country with a deep mysterious power .

The album Maeoma is highly evocative of this Bulgarian spirit and centred around a contemporary mixing of tradition sounds and timbres with a very unique analogue electronica sound which twists and turns and flows effortlessly like a morphing sonic invocation of the natural spirit of the forests and mountains of the Rodopa region of Bulgaria.

The work is of a particulally high sound quality and the music has a very strong esoteric presence and vibration and is utterly unique in its form and power and beauty.


The following musicians appear on the album:

Veselin Mitev: kaval (on Sedenkia)
Shtoni Kokudev: kaval, bag pipe (on Devo & Beshevidela)
Vidya Bistra Kirova: voice (on Just Blue)
A female vocal group from the village of Beli Iskar, Samokov municipality, Bulgaria (on Sedenkia, Electro Nature, Devo, Beshevidela)

Cover Photos: Todor Kyurkchiev, Victor Marinov

Special thanks to: Virtual records, Nikolai Dichev, Boyan KyurkchievStar Seeder, my parents, Uwe George /Yapacc/ and many more…

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