About This Release

Artist: Vataff Project

Released: January 23, 2017

Written & produced by Victor Marinov
at Port One Studio
Rodopa Mountain, Bulgaria.

Label: Fusion Embassy

1. Aqa Nettle 05:52
2. Flying Soul 07:59
3. Bear Rope 08:36
4. Sarigama 07:33
5. Diniata 07:21
6. Three Spooks 07:27
7. Jani Kuta 07:32
8. Circus 05:46

Category: Album

Release notes

Solьmen is the 5th album by Vataff project.


The following musicians appear on the album:

Anton Karadimchev: vocals, guitar
Veselin Mitev
: duduk
Rossen Zahariev: flugelhorn

Artwork: Carlos Arner

Special thanks to: Iva Stork, Carlos Arner, Boris Lazarkov and many more…

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